SMR PT.Srikandi Minning Resource is an Indonesian company specializing mainly in the coal trade.
After years of development and acquired experience in the main market, it occupies a global diversified portfolio of synergies from the mining, oil, commercial activities, transport, commercial operations, storage and logistics services.

In some cases SMR PT.Srikandi Minning Resource participates with direct investments in projects involving raw materials that currently have a strategic interest.

In recent years, SMR PT.Srikandi Minning Resource has collaborated with major international oil companies and multinational leaders in the transport and logistics sector and carries out the purchase and distribution of refined products, transport and storage as well as other commercial activities in the raw materials sector.

SMR PT.Srikandi Minning Resource is a solid and reliable trading partner. The company's results are the results of our vision focused on quality, excellence and uncompromising innovation.

Responding to global market trends, SMR PT.Srikandi Minning Resource has strategically diversified its investments, products and services, geographically and by type of business, in order to meet the needs of any corporate customer.

Our vision

To be a global leader committed to quality, excellence and innovation.

To be a valuable company to the environment, society and stake holder.

To facilitate international collaborations and manage commercial synergies

To consolidate stability and investment performance

Our Mission


To build an structure with the aim of lowering productivity costs as much as possible , while maintaining high quality, superior expertise.


Gradually expanding business line to be global visioning business company to anticipate the global competitions and prepare to be a regional and a global player.


Deployment corporate service mantaining the hisghest possible level of responsibility to the environment and to the society


Provide customers with the maximum advantage, in terms of quality and service, optimizing management times and costs. Establish successful and long-lasting relationships with customers.